Hi. I'm Lizzie Kost, your content designer.

I specialize in user experience methodology to write good (easy breezy, beautiful) content. 

Nice to meet you.

What I can do in content design

I love creating content that is clear, concise, and useful. It's such a noisy world.


I'm a twice-certified UX writer. I have demonstrable knowledge of human-centered and iterative design theory and practices:


competitor analyses  

conversation mining

user interviews

user journeys

information architecture

voice and tone guides


chatbot design

conversational design

behavioral design theory


UI prototyping


white papers

marketing content



social media content creation

What I've been working on 

This winter, I received a certificate in Behavioral Design from Irrational Labs. I've been excited to incorporate what I learned, layering behavioral design theory in the UX writing process. I'm currently an editor and write content for Habit Weekly, the world's leading behavioral design newsletter and podcast. 

I recently published a fun editorial in my local paper.

What I'm curious about

I'm fascinated by neuroscience and understanding how the brain creates emotions, how we go from "information to understanding." 

Future hope: contributing to a necessary redesign for layperson user experiences navigating the legal system. I'm fascinated by Stefania Passera's research using data visualization for understanding complicated legal concepts.

I love the intersection of civic service and technology.


I'm a PTO president. I love community volunteering.  Since it's summer, you might find me on a lake or river.

I read a lot. My favorite book is Italo Calvino's If On a Winter's Night A Traveler. My most recently read favorite book is Susannah Clarke's Piranesi. I love The Princess Bride movie and book almost equally and so much that I wrote a thesis about them a long time ago.

E.B. White's, "Thanks, (but)...I must decline for secret reasons," is a quote that makes me laugh.