Hi. I'm Lizzie Kost, your content designer.

I love creating content backed by research. It's a noisy world. 

Nice to meet you.

What I can do in content design

content artifacts

user journeys

voice and tone guides


content creation


conversational design (chatbots)

marketing content





short and long-form content

social media content

white papers


behavioral design

(customer) experience design

user experience design

user research

competitor analyses  

conversation mining

user interviews


What I've been working on 

Last year I received a certificate in Behavioral Design from Irrational Labs. That experience led me to become an editor and to write content for Habit Weekly, the world's leading behavioral design newsletter and podcast. 

I published a fun editorial in my local paper. A love letter to my sweet neighbors.

What I'm curious about

The bridge between cognitive psychology and neuroscience fascinates me. I love the meta experience of thinking about how we go from "information to understanding." 

Future hope: contributing to a necessary redesign for layperson user experiences navigating legal systems. I'm fascinated by Stefania Passera's research using data visualization for understanding complicated legal concepts.


I love community volunteering and spending time outside.

I read a lot. My favorite book is Italo Calvino's If On a Winter's Night A Traveler. My most recently read favorite book is Susannah Clarke's Piranesi. I love The Princess Bride movie and book almost equally and so much that I wrote my senior thesis about them (A+.)

E.B. White's, "Thanks, (but)...I must decline for secret reasons," is a quote that makes me laugh.