Hi. I'm Lizzie Kost,

content designer.

I work at the intersection of human-centered design and behavioral science.

Nice to meet you.

How I can help you

Content Design

Be the wordsmith on your design team, using human-centered design principles informed by behavioral design theory.

Content Strategy

Big-picture organize your company's content (information architecture) and the content relationships between your org silos.

UX Writing

Get in the weeds and write the best microcopy for your interface, applying UX best practices.

What I've been working on 

Always curious about different fields, last year I received a certificate in Behavioral Design for Health from Irrational Labs. That experience led me to become an editor and to write content for Habit Weekly, the world's leading behavioral design community.

I published a fun editorial in my local paper. A love letter to my sweet neighbors.

What I'm curious about

The bridge between cognitive psychology and neuroscience fascinates me. I love the meta experience of thinking about how we go from "information to understanding." 

Future hope: contributing to a necessary redesign for layperson user experiences navigating legal systems. I'm fascinated by Stefania Passera's research using data visualization for understanding complicated legal concepts.


I love community volunteering and spending time outside.

I read a lot. My favorite book is Italo Calvino's If On a Winter's Night A Traveler. My most recently read favorite book is Susannah Clarke's Piranesi. I love The Princess Bride movie and book almost equally and so much that I wrote my senior thesis about them (A+.)

E.B. White's, "Thanks, (but)...I must decline for secret reasons," is a quote that makes me laugh.