Get to know my story.


I was born in a barn one starry night.

Growing up on a small farm in rural Western USA, I read so much that taking books from me was my punishment.


"But I confess they would have no charms for me—I should infinitely prefer a book."

-Mary Bennet, Pride & Prejudice    

My youth was a collection of funny accomplishments—a benefit of small-town childhood.

| speech and debate state champion and 2x national qualifier |

| national honor society student | student council & student body "Head Girl" | the role of Cecily Cardew in the dramatization of "The Importance of Being Earnest" | track athlete | all-girls choir | key club | piano, trumpet, and French horn player | National Western clogging champion | majorette | 4H blue ribbon rabbit showwoman | a fast typist | babysitter of a current NASA scientist | director of middle school plays | memorized all major USA zip codes while working my hometown amusement park.

I worked at a local rafting company the summer after graduating high school... much to my parents' chagrin.

My life flipped over like a raft at high water.

I fell in love with the river and became a river guide.

lizzie rowing down lava falls rapid on the colorado river

I adventured.

I even lived in a van down by the river.

That's me on the Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, rowing solo on an18' boat through Lava Falls Rapid.

Then I moved to a tiny mountain hamlet, armed with a BA in English Literature*.


Even though I loved the backcountry skiing, it was a hard winter. It snowed 300 inches and the sun wouldn't hit the valley floor until almost 11 am. I began a book club, but it petered out.

I swore I would never come back.



*Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society member

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image of molas pass

Never know.

I started an adventure outfitter company the following fall in that tiny ski town at 23 years old. 

And then I hustled.

Marketing copy, web design, customer experience expert, became a professional resume writer, wrote white papers, created social media content, submitted editorials, and made speeches. I put my English degree (and my speech and debate experience) to work.


We bootstrapped the business. And as one does in that situation, I managed the bookkeeping, logistics, and even worked on equipment maintenance. I became a service designer, but analog.

If that wasn't plenty to do, I was asked to be the general contractor, owner, and manager of a new restaurant and, at the same time, expand to a second adventure outfitter company. 


I successfully lobbied with Trout Unlimited in Congress on behalf of my community, County, and business on a bipartisan land bill (which passed!) I was the president of our local chamber of commerce, among many other volunteer efforts. I started a second book club, The Ladies Athenaeum.


My life flipped again. I discovered human-centered design and changed my focus from entrepreneur to my old but still kindled passion for writing—becoming a twice-certified UX writer.


But most importantly...

lizzie and sons

I became a mom
one starry night.

PS. I was not really born in a barn.