What I've been working on.

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School Communication App (UI prototype)

A parent/school communication app prototype, showing off my Figma skills (a project born from real-world frustration having too many points of communication from a school district.) I also created a desktop version.


I can create style guides that focus on color, typography, and mood, too.

E-Commerce Site  (site design and UX writing)

A bespoke, local bag maker website concept. I provided user research, a competitor analysis, and a content audit for this company. I also prototyped a Shopify landing page and product page.

Published article in the local paper

I'd been stewing on this topic for several months, inspired by the book Lives of the Stoics and my personal experience living on the best street in town. It's a little bit of a love letter for my neighbors.

Real Estate Site (landing page design)

A Colorado realtor asked me to migrate his site from a confusing real estate-specific platform to a simple contact landing page that would be easier for his potential clients to navigate.

Instagram project

After sending pictures of my never-ending piles to my sister, I devoted an IG page to my funny obsession. Someone else out there has to care about these things, too, right?